Field work with first-graders is still ongoing and we are now preparing for the research of 2nd grade pupils. We are very much looking forward to them too!
We have started and we are gradually working with first-graders in schools. Already looking forward to for sure interesting results from research on the language and reading skills of today's children, who are sometimes said to constantly watch only the tablet screen and computer image instead of reading a book.
The past year was challenging for all of us. It seems the situation is stabilizing, we are therefore planning to start the research in September. We are closely monitoring the current epidemiological situation and finalizing field preparations considering also the most strict hygienic measures since health is our top priority. We are looking forward to seeing you at schools and continuing our remarkable study regarding reading literacy. Fingers crossed!
Concerning the rising number of covid-19 infected, we await more information. We are tuned and emphasize the health and safety of all is our top priority. We still believe research might take place during this year. Fingers crossed for us!
Research was successfully finished, great thanks to everyone participating. We are working on outputs which will be continuously published. Thank you for staying with us!
Currently, collecting data is almost finished. During the last weeks, we've been successfully asking for increased financial support to be able to finish fieldwork (interviews with children who transferred to new schools). In the mid February, we should be given all documents and materials from the cooperating research agency Median. Great thanks to the schools and parents for allowing the research to continue. Information regarding the outputs will follow soon.    
Since the beginning of September, we begin to contact schools from Prague and Central Bohemia schools with an appeal to continue in the study. The request was handed over to the total number of 17 schools while the children are in the sixth grade. Currently, we have 205 consents from the parents. Thank you, we really appreciate that!
During the month of July and August 2018, we will be interviewing the children's parents with which we have been working during the first and the second class. One by one, we intent to approach all the parents to whom we have contant information. We will be helped with this part of the process by the research agency Medián, s.r.o. We want to assure you, there is no reason to worry, all the contacts and personal data are being protected on the legal basis.
Finally, after three years, we have managed to gain more financial means for another (fourth) phase of the research. We rellocated to the Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in an original team composition. The research, therefore, no longer takes place under the patronage of the Faculty of Education of the Charles University in Prague. Also, the website "" was moved to a new domain. Welcome!